Do more with your photos

一連上Flickr, 就看到左邊的更新- Flickr的網頁一向很素, 所以只要稍微放個banner, 換個底色, 在不影響download速度及整體layout的狀況下, 馬上就能讓user注意到想promote的訊息.

重點是這頁- Do more with your photos, 一口氣就推出了三個partner.

雖然: For the first release, printing services are only available to members who have a U.S. billing address on their credit card.

但是: If you aren't in the U.S., you have the option of using other services that have international printing options ready to go (like QOOP for posters or printed books of your Flickr photos). It's really helpful for you to let us know where you are around the world as well, so we can let you know when printing is available in your neck of the woods.

這句話好像有點暗示, 如果你們國家使用者夠多, 我們會優先考慮. 如果這個假設為真, 台灣可能很快也可以加入服務範圍了. :)

1) 這個又要有爭議了...Flickr在選擇國家的選單中, 我該選擇的又是[Taiwan, Province of China]...

2) 在選完國家後的第一頁, 訊息就寫著:
OK! You told us you're in Taiwan, Province of China.
Firstly, thanks for letting us know - that information is important for prioritizing future printing services.