Google Local

A new service of google- Google Local, for people in U.S, you can input the keyword and your location, google will point you those you want near you. Take a look at this-

You can see that you can set the radius of the search range, and you can link to a page which will show the store in a map for you.(This means, google will crawl the addresses from the websites in the internet, I guess)

Here's some opinion quota from Geotargeted Search and E-Mail Indexing:

"Every year, U.S. businesses spend over $12 billion advertising in the yellow pages. That's a lot of money to end up in a big yellow book. I don't know how many tons of paper are needed to print all those books, but it's formidable. An environmentally friendly and much more useful alternative would be to type a keyword and address into Google or Yahoo! Advertisers only pay when users click their ads. Geotargeted search will be the proverbial giant sucking sound for the yellow pages."

The tricky is, does high-tech produce or reduce pollution? I think it produce much much more pollution than reduce it. Any way, it worth doing if we can reduce the pollution in someway (I'm also very guilty bought this notebook, there're 6 computer in our family with 4 person). In this article, the author also point that, maybe, when you use google's e-mail, there's a place for you to input your address, then your friend or customer will be able to know where're you easier by the map, of course, this issue, or tech, including many private right to discuss in the next stage.