Companies battle for Web messaging revenue

The battle between IM softwares is also getting hotter- CNN.com - Companies battle for Web messaging revenue - Apr 27, 2004. It's a pitty that ICQ is fade out the battlefiled, in my early age of surffing, it once the only and best software to do instant chat. In just few years after that, more and more user start surfing online, their knowleage and experience in computer is not so good, "easy to use" become the first priority of their choice- MSN was getting popular (also because it's bulit in later MS OS). Now, seems MSN, AOL, Yahoo mesenger become the biggest three parites. Users now are getting used to the way of using IM tools, "how to use it" is not the first consideration of chosing one from them, instead, they're go back to fight in the "features".