Roadmap of my life

If today is the last day of my twenty-some years, what's my feeling?

Let me think the roadmap of my ideal life first:

What should I do in my 0-to 10-year-old?
It should play, play, and play, because there's no more chance to play like this decade. I think I did good in this stage. :)
the only pity in this stage is- I move too much times so that I have no friend of this stage to contact and memorize now, anyway, it's nothing special so far to me.

What should I do in my 10-to 20-year-old?
It should the base of "my life" in most adult's concept. I have to study hard to get good score, get into good college, etc. Well, that's not a bad time, I played basketball everyday and joined the orchestra as well, that's a colorful life indeed. The only pity thing is- I chose the wrong college, really. The location and the custom changed me from a positive person to a non-active person, from a sport people to a home people, that's the biggest change in my life. However, there's one thing good, I made some good friends there, until now.

What should I do in my 20-to 30-year-old?
Well, this's a hardest question to reply, I'm in this stage now! I think, I have to find out what's the way I will go in the next couple years. No more important thing. It may takes several shoot and several years to try, but I think I've found it, the IT and internet field, that's I'm familiar and happy with. Next, should to make my become a expert in this field, and make it my strongest point to compete with others, to make more money for the next stage.

What should I do in my 30-to 40-year-old?
This stage may be the most important decade in my opinion, that's the key of I'm a good one (son/husband/co-worker) or nothing in the world. I've to perform excellent at office, have to be a nice husband, and a ethic son. That means, I'm not only need to have enough money, but also the time. It's best that I'm efficient in making money, and good in keep the relation with my children, if I have.

What should I do in my 40-to 50-year-old?
Well, this may be the crisis decade of life. I have to keep good in the office with my dropping energy, but also have to face the children in teenage, the wife have seen more than ten years. It's good enough to keep 60 points in the whole things, I think.

What should I do in my 50-to 60-year-old?
I hope I can have an independent finance at this stage, that means, I don't have to work for life, I can work at any field I like and don't worry about where's the money for life. Well, this situation will come in this stage, next stage, or never, depends on the previous stages, I think.

I'm afraid to think about the following stages- getting old, sick, lack of memory, etc. will come in the next stage. :( . It's better to end my life in 60-year-old, I always think so.


Well, after think the roadmap of whole my life, I think it's no need either to be down, sad, or be happy, satisfied. I'm not even through half of my life, there're more challenges and fun in the future, be confident and aggressive to do the best now, and be passion in the future!