Is this midlife crisis?

Though I'm not even in midlife...

Here's a joke I saw in magazine:
There's a computer technician, a salesperson, and a manager in an aireplane that's going to crash. The computer technican says, "pepole would love to watch this on the Internet. Let's broadcast it." and the salesperson says, "Yeah! We can make money broadcasting this." Then they both say, "We're so smart. Why did they make you the boss and not us?" The manager says, just before jumping out the door, "Because I'm smart enough to look for a parachute before trying to make a buck. Bye. "

It also remind me something- sometimes we're come out some idea and be proud of it, whether our boss takes it or not, I'll think, "see, I've told you." or ,"why can't you just accept such a good idea?" Yes, that's a good idea, from your side; from the other side, there might be plenty of work have to do prior than yours.

I'm also wondering why these ideas come across my mind these days, just feel that, seems I have many things to do, and many mistakes to fixed, but I can't get up and face it, days and days...Damn...