Toolbar, Toolbar, Toolbar

Before I sleep, I went suffing the latest news, found that my google toolbar was gone, don't know why. That's a chance to try yahoo toolbar, so, I've installed it. It suprise me that it really have many links, including- sign in yahoo services, get yahoo mail, go to yahoo game, etc. I think toolbar is really the pie everyone wants to take a bit of it. Though, only the one have most popular serive will win, I think. I think yahoo tool bar is very very convenient to most yahoo users, if it's serach function superior to google's, it has a big chance to beat google, I think. but as I said before, google has many "seceret weapon" not unveiled yet...

Now, everyone seems in a hurry to provide toolbar- Yahoo! Companion Toolbar.It's not hard to imagine, if your toolbar has been installed, you have the better chance to provide relative services- mail, blog, etc.