Blog Client

This's the reader I'm trying to use- NewzCrawler. As it clients, it's a web news aggregator, RSS reader, browser and blog client. The more I try, the more fun I find in blog. In newzcrawler trial version, I found following functions.

1) web news aggregator- you can subscribe many sites news in categories, such as news, moives, sports, etc.

2) RSS reader and browser- The content you subscirbed will be sent to you after you update the category, you can read them offline, or link to the page as well.

3) blog client- you can edit what you want to post in this section. It offers a powerful tool for you to set, it will also save your time waiting responce from web interface.

I hope I can try the full function of it- though it costs USD. 24.95- it's really a cool thing that you can read lots of news and know what's your friends going by a software instead of go to bulk sites. Of course, the first thing is make your friends own their blog.